runny race

in science on Tuesday we got some cups a spoon and a pine.

there were oil, honey and water and first we had to get 3 cups and poor

honey and oil and water in each cup. we got the pine and pockeb it in

and it made a small hole and we keped it on there. so we poled it out

and the oil was so slow we fote that it wood be fast, but it took 10

minus 07secnds and 00.s. the water took 00minus and 58secnds and

22 m.s and the honey took for ever and then it was so much fun and

at the end of the day we had to pack up to go home the end it was aorsome


my family is a zoo

my dad is the lion king of Africa,

my mum is a caring lioness,

my brother is a flashing cheetah or ways chasing me,

my 4 sisters are boring sloths,

my little brother is a playing sqnishy  Panda

and I am an ape that climbs and jumps

and that ‘s why my family is a zoo


a narrative is a story and this is the thing you hafto incloode tittle


complication, resolution and ending and then you are done.

for the orientation you well need this character who when where

and where they are. it’s orange

for the complication you well need a problem it mast have three

steps the steps are bad very bad and the very, very, very, bad

for very, very, very, bad thing it’s red.

for the resolution you well need how the problem is stoved and

it’s green.

for the ending is how they live some are  happily and some are bad.

and that’s how you make a narrative and then you are done.

theres 5 steps.





it was so fun at the swimming carnival.

and I was doing 3 but their was no duck dive so I did 2 races.

the best one was the free swimming even though it was not a event

but we did that at the end of the races.


4/5 classroom

in 4/5 stone we do los of wock  and I will tell you abate it.

we rite the school rooes and do the let A so these are the worlds we had

to do, ay, ai, eigh, ey, a-e, et, ee, ea, ei, a, and do writing and some maths and  reading.

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